You. Need. More.
So…Let’s Get You Everything You Need.

Consistency in branding is key! The challenge comes in when you don’t have a dedicated designer to handle and manage all your graphic needs. This retainer is perfect for those who need marketing materials consistently, but don’t want to hire a full time designer. I can help! Let’s get you more of what you need.

Four Signs That You’re Ready For A Retainer:

  • If you need dedicated creative support and faster turnaround times…YES! You’re ready.

  • If you need a guaranteed amount of work each month and brand consistency…YUP! It’s go time.

  • If you need a set pricing for all your design needs…ABSOLUTELY! This is for you.

  • If you need weekly access to a professional designer…DEFINITELY!

The Kick-Off: Standard Retainer

  • Approx. 1-2 Projects/Week
  • 16 hours/month
  • Delivery in 3-4 Business Days
  • Monthly Check-In Call


Let’s Work: Design Partnership

  • Approx. 3-4 Projects/Week
  • 32 hours/month
  • Delivery in Two Days
  • Bi-Weekly Check-In Call


In The Pocket: Personal Designer

  • Up to Five (5) Projects/Week
  • 40 hrs/month
  • Delivery in 24 Hours
  • Weekly Check-In Call


So Mona…How Does Payment Work?

Each month you’ll pay a retainer fee. Think of this as a monthly access fee to creative support. It’s paid up front each month before design requests are submitted.

Essentially, you are paying for guaranteed number of completed projects versus time. Time spent on design requests varies based upon the project, so instead of hourly rates, the primary focus of these plans is on project completion. I get things done!

What Design Services Are Included?

Graphics: Flyers, Logos, Book Covers, Apparel, etc.
For Print Designs: Business cards, postcards, brochures, event programs, retractable banners, etc.
Digital: Social media graphics, blog banners, email templates, web banners, Marketing Ads, Quote Graphics, etc.

Additional services are available upon request. If there’s something NOT listed you need, I can do that too! Additional services are available upon request.

The Fine Print: Let’s Talk Terms!

Starts With Three (3) Month Term
After 90 days, we’ll examine your package to make sure it satisfies your needs. Then, we can move to longer terms.

Projects Planned Weekly
Any unused projects expire at the end of each week. This streamlines time needed for your design workload.

Set Number Of Projects
Plans include a set number of projects per week. Additional projects will incur fees based upon the request.

Revisions Are Super Easy.
Each project is delivered with “next steps” should you need to make changes. There’s no additional fee for revisions.

Invoice On First Of The Month
Invoice will include the monthly retainer rate for that month and any additional charges from previous month.

Source Files Not Included
Don’t worry! If this is something you want we can build it into your plan.

Ready to partner? Let’s Do This!

First, I want to talk to you. So here’s the step #1…Let’s set up a 30-minute call so I can hear more about you and your needs. Plus, we can get to know each other. Your vision and goals are important to me. On the call we’ll review your needs and secure your plan selection.